The artist recently had a one person showing at the Gallerie Lareuse in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Some of the shown paintings are available and displayed in the Gallery section of this site as indicated by an asterik (*) following the title.


Sentimental meets contemporary in Dint's bold and enchanting acrylic paintings. Her works coax the viewer to surrender into the warmth of the human experience. Her palette is brilliant and passionate. Her compositions are real and inviting. You may find yourself wanting to crawl into the warm lushness of her figure and family works. Dint's reputation for creating amazing art has been recognized on many levels, including painting the 2003 Woman of Distinction Award . Her acrylics can also be found in the guest rooms of Hotel Metro in Milwaukee. Dint attended the University of Wisconsin and is a member of the League of Milwaukee Artists and a member of Almont Gallery.


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